Wet Forte

Wet Forte

Artificial tears with sodium hyaluronate 0.20% in a multi-use vial.

Lubricating eye drops in a multi-dose package with 0.20% sodium hyaluronate, high viscosity, indicated for daily use with or without contact lenses to maintain and restore the normal conditions of the ocular surface, protect the epithelial cells and provide long-lasting comfort.

Artificial tears restore and stabilize the tear film, relieve irritation and reduce epithelial cell damage.

Contains no preservatives.

The sodium perborate which is contained as a preservative, compatible with sodium hyaluronate, is broken down into water and oxygen by catalase and other tear enzymes.

Apply 2-4 times a day or as often as your doctor recommends.

*Use up to 90 days after opening the vial

*Available in Pharmacies.

The product is manufactured by Vita Research